The most famous tourist site of Vietnam, twice recognized as Natural Heritage of Vietnam, Halong Bay is a must when traveling to Vietnam. Located in the Northeastern coast of North Vietnam, Halong Bay is well known for marvelous beauty with more than 1969 islands on the watery landscape.  The name Halong Bay come from local legends of Mother Dragon and her child down from the sky to help Vietnamese protect the country border against invaders. All the islands in the Bay are the symbols of Dragons for a thousand years.

In geological research, Halong Bay was formed by millions of years ago by geological changes, created thousands of island, many caves, and beautiful beaches.

Halong Bay is mainly divided into two parts: Halong Bay center and Bai Tu Long Bay. While Halong Bay center is the most popular tourist visiting area, Bai Tu Long Bay is known as a less visited part of the Bay. The bay has many caves as Amazing cave, Thien Cung caves, Me Cung cave, Thien Canh Son cave… the beaches are small but very nice with white sands.

On Halong Bay, local people groups in floating villages and live on fishing, you can find some name: Van Gia fishing village, Vong Vieng fishing village, Ba Hang fishing village… The life on the water of Halong Bay is so unique, each village has a numerous floating house, they are all small, wooden made and colorful. However, following the local authority policy, most of the local people in the floating village have been moved to the mainland to protect the environment, some left on the bay to ride sampan for tourist activities.

Visiting Halong Bay, you can enjoy lots of fresh seafood, it is all delicious and well cooked by a local chef. Food on Halong Bay will leave you impressive tastes of locals.