Hanoi, the 1000-year-old capital of Vietnam, can be one the Asia’s most compelling cites. Hanoi is a fascinating mix of old and new Vietnam. Based on a long history with Chinese and French influences, Hanoi owns an ancient diverse Asian culture, many colonial architectures, beautiful lakes and river, crazy traffic and unique local life that like no others.

Hanoi has full of things to see, Hanoi Old Quarter and French Quarter remains much ancient architecture building, from subsidy period to the boosting area of the 21st century, Hanoi has the combination of the old and new look that create the interesting things to see and discover.

Hanoi has full of things to discover. The life in Hanoi is so unique, as the rich tradition and ancient culture have created the Hanoi life from a small local coffee shop in the Old Quarter to the modern supermarket near Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi is extremely an exotic city to discover.

Hanoi has full of things to eat, home to the most Asia stronger culinary tradition with influence from France and China during times.  It is not difficult to find a local delicious street food corner in Hanoi at a reasonable price. Discover local market, enjoy the fresh ingredients, taste some street food culture Hanoi is a nice experience that you should not miss