Hanoi, the 1000 year old capital of Vietnam, can be one the Asia’s most compelling cites. Hanoi is a fascinating mix of old and new Vietnam. Based on a long history with Chinese and French influences, Hanoi owns an ancient diverse Asian culture, many colonial architecture, beautiful lakes and river, crazy traffic and an unique local life that like no others.

Hanoi has full of things to see, Hanoi Old Quarter and French Quarter remains many ancient architecture building, from subsidy period to the boosting area of 21st century, Hanoi has the combination of old and new look that create the interesting things to see and discover.

Hanoi has full of things to discover. The life in Hanoi is so unique, as the rich tradition and ancient culture has created the Hanoi life from a small  local coffee shop  in the Old Quarter to the modern super market near Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi is extremely an exotic city to discover.

Hanoi has full of things to eat, home to the most Asia stronger culinary tradition with influence from France and China during times.  It is not difficult to find a local delicious street food corner in Hanoi at reasonable price. Discover local market, enjoy the fresh ingredients, taste some street food culture Hanoi is a nice experience that you should not miss

Weather 10C - 35C

Estimated Stay 3 days


Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem lake named following a secret legend to Kinh Le Loi together with Turtle tower, The Huc bridge and Ngoc Son temple, Hoan Kiem lake is a historical site and green pearl of Hanoi city center with many trees around. The lake is just ahead the Hanoi Old Quarter, every morning at 6:00 am local people do morning exercise on the shore creating the peaceful life of 1000 year old capital.

Hoa Lo Prison Museum

Hoa Lo prison complex was built by the French in 1896, known as the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ by US POWs during the American War. Now, only part of the original complex is left, the prison is a historic site of French colonial time in Vietnam, showing visitors a glimpse of our country’s war.

Hanoi Old Quarter

While the most well-known and important districts in Hanoi are Ba Dinh District where the government offices are located and Hoan Kiem District (Hanoi Old Quarter) which is considered the city’s business hub and main tourist destination for many charming colonial architecture, Buddhist temples and pagodas, especially street food culture. Hanoi Old Quarter has a unique local life with 36 streets, each streets names following its typical goods and service: Silver street, sugar street, bamboo street…, a fascinating ancient beauty in the vibrant moving capital of Vietnam,

Things to do

Street Food

Hanoi might have a street food culture, it is so easy to find a local food corner in every street of Hanoi Old Quarter. From famous “phở” ( noodle with beef, chicken…), banh mi to crispy pancakes,  from the modern Western restaurant style to a small local food restaurant, the diversity in Hanoi street food will amaze you and treat your stomach well.

Crossing a busy street

What a challenge to cross a busy street in Hanoi while there are cars, motorbike, bicycles and walking people are together in a narrow road. These motorbikes seems never stops when you cross the street but let’s relax, take a look at two ways and drivers then walk slowly and never step back, you will feel a real experience of traffic in Hanoi.

Buddhist pagoda and temples

Most of Vietnamese people follows Buddhism and we find the Buddhist temples everywhere throughout Vietnam. Hanoi has long history with many famous temples and pagoda: Bach Ma temple, Quan Thanh temple, Tran Quoc pagoda or Temple of Literature are all the places you should visit and enjoy the peaceful life of Hanoi.