This enchanting town locates in the central of Vietnam  and capture what every travellers image to be, a must see destination when visiting Vietnam, a town of culture, food, life, ancient beauty, country side and a long beautiful coast line. The towns well preserve ancient beauty of18 century houses, pagodas, halls built by Fujian, Chaozhou, Canton, Hainan – Chinese people.  The town is not big, you can visit on foot in a half day but the local life is so nice that you are easy to fall in love with, local people are so friendly to keep smile with you always, giving help as you needed and serving you with their sincerity.

Hoi An has so many things to attract visitors for long stay, an impressive ancient Asia town with friendly locals and unique peaceful life, out side the town, the beautiful wild beaches are waiting for you to discover. In the town, there are so many ancient houses, pagoda, hall influenced by Japanese, Chinese, Indian… and even some from Europe, all will amaze you at the very first sight. Nearby are My Son complex, evidence of Cham history, the Cham island with beautiful beaches and diving activity

The street food in Hoi An is mouth-wateringly delicious and very affordable that you want to try all of them while tailors’ shops provide you a nice dress as a valued memory of travelling to Vietnam.

In addition, it’s easy to take day-trips to the atmospheric Cham ruins of My Son, biking out into the surrounding country or taking a leisurely sampan ride on the Thu Bon River, all leisure activity and warm welcome of locals will make your trip highlight.


Hoi An Ancient Town

The most interesting attraction in Hoi An is its own ancient town, every house, every corner in the town is a nice things to see. It has the beauty of history when Japanese, Chinese, Indian and European left on the moving and exchanging. Just take a walk in the town in this quite peaceful town, you will feel yourself in harmony with life, nature and locals here. The whole are of town is an truly attraction to discover by days

Japanese Covered Bridge

The most well-known icon of Hoi An is Japanese covered Bridge, it was built by Japanese people in 1590. The bridge has the most beautiful feature of Japan architecture, the bridge was renovated in 1986 and open for tourists. The entrances are guarded by statues and a pair of monkeys on one side, a pair of dog on the other side refers to Japanese tales in the past


Hoi An has many beautiful beaches: Cua Dai, An Bang… just about some kilometers outside the Old Town you can reach a nice beach to lie on the sand. The beaches is Hoi An is not the place for surfing but a true place for relaxing, swimming and enjoy. At the moment, Cua Dai beach get erosion so other choice should be An Bang or Tan Lap beaches

Things to do

Sunset over Hoi An riverside

Hoi An Old Town has lied on Hoai river (English name can be: Memory river), a beautiful small river. The best moment in Hoi An is sunset over Hoai river and hundreds of ancient house on the river bank.  Just take a walk along the river bank or pick up a cup of coffee on the balcony of a local restaurant, you will find the most peaceful destination and fall in love with this town

Lantern making

Lantern in Hoi An is famous with influence of Chinese and Japanese. If you visit Hoi An in mid time of lunar month (15th day) you will see thousands of colorful lantern hanging on streets, it makes the street in Hoi An more romantic. Joining a lantern making tour or just visit a local home in Hoi An to see them make lantern, you will see more cultural insight beside the ancient beauty of the Old Town

Cooking class

With access to most fresh food material, local market and a long cuisine tradition, Hoi An is a great place to try cooking class in Vietnam. There are many restaurant in town or local tour offers cooking class, you can also visit Tra Que herb village to enjoy farming then cooking class as the way Vietnamese people make in daily life. Spring roll is the most popular but other local food recipes is waiting for you to discover.