In the central part of Vietnam, Hue was the ancient capital during the Nguyen emperors ( 1802 – 1945), a center of culture, politics and education in these days. The city has been called Hue for more than two centuries and be considered as of the nicest city in Vietnam. In 1993, Hue was recognized as the World Cultural Heritage site.  The city of Hue lies along the side of Perfume River, the ancient Citadel located in the North of city while many other pagoda, tombs are mainly in the South along river. Hue has the beauty of old architecture of citadel with French building of colonial time despite its damage in the war.

Hue has special weather which makes the city feel sad and sleepy, it is rainy weather. Obviously, Hue have two typical weather of wet and dry season, the raining weather is from Oct to Mar every year with temperature between 16C – 28C degree Celsius.  The rain in Hue is not heavy but it lasts long during many days. During these rainy days, the city looks romantic but sleepy for active travellers.

Hue cuisine will inspire you for a food discovery, most of typical food can be found on the street as: Bun Bo Hue, Banh Beo, Banh Nam, Hen rice… It is easy to understand that the dining style of Hue is a part of royal emperors time.  With local people in Hue, eating is an art and a part of their culture. Most of Hue foods are spicy, nice smells and have a good taste. In addition, Hue has more royal food than any other part of Vietnam, proving the proud history of the ancient citadel.

Hue city has been one of the biggest cities of the South in the past but it has not much developed in comparison to other emerging city now so the local life in Hue is not too busy. A nice city and easy to get out of city for beaches, field and countryside local life,  visit to see Perfume river, a local home, local market or cycling through a nice village are all the best experience of this city.


Weather 28C

Estimated Stay 4 days


Thien Mu Pagoda

The pagoda locates on the Northern side of Perfume River, about 4km from Hue city center, approach on bike, motorbike or a boat tour. The pagoda is a nice beauty on the bank of Perfume river, on a small hill, Thien Mu pagoda has a great river view on 21 meter high tower and a historical sight from Nguyen dynasty time.

Hue Citadel

Hue Citadel locates on the Northern side of Perfume River, cover the area of 520 hectares and enclosed by a wall made of stone and brick. The citadel is the symbol of Nguyen emperors and a must visit of Hue historic city, the current remain is only a part of original Citadel, now the restoration is made to recall the beauty of ancient citadel.

Bach Ma National Park

The national part locates at the height of 1450 meter above sea level and only 18 km from coast, it used to be a hill station of French people in colonial time. There are a diverse number of flora and fauna in Bach Ma National Park, estimated 1400 species of plant and 132 kinds of mammals. This is the ideal trekking path to get off the beaten track for a great day of adventure.

Things to do

Perfume River cruise

Perfume River is an enchanting girl of Hue city, what could be more relaxing to boarding a local cruising boat along the river to see rural village and discover beauty of Hue. The boat trip takes you to see some most of tourist attraction: Thien Mu pagoda, Hon Chen temple… it is nice to combine with bike trip cycling through some local villages on the bank of river.

Dong Ba local market

The biggest local market in Hue and with historic values and close with local life, Dong Ba Market is a must visit places to see local life, explore food and discover culture. As other local market in different regions of Vietnam, you can find most of typical things in life of locals when they come to buy, exchange and share life’s stories.

Bun Bo Hue (Hue Noodles

Bun Bo Hue is the most popular food of Hue, now in all the big city of Vietnam, we has this lovely taste.  There are many restaurants in the city offering this kind of noddle in their menu but it will be more special to try it in a small restaurant of a warm lady on a street of Hue. There are so many other kinds of street food that you should try and make your own taste of favorite selection