Ho Chi Minh city, locally known as Saigon is the biggest city and the most dynamic economic center of Vietnam, located in the South of country.  Saigon is the city of energy and discovery, a super-charged city of sensory overload. Motorbikes is everywhere from the boulevards to small alleys while coffee with milk ( ca phe sua da) seems the  most popular drink choice of resident. The city is a real surprise to tourist with full of traffic madness.

Saigon’s life is busy and noisy in the public, on motorcycles,  at coffee shop, park, restaurant (quan nhau) to local market, the life is changing fast in this city, between the new and old. With population up to 10 million people, Saigon is a hub of people from all regions in country, do different jobs for living.

Saigon has history linked with Chinese people, French colonial time and American people before 1975, you still find some colonial architecture in some of city’s corner of District 1. Saigon was even proudly known as the Pearl of the Orient in the early period of 20 century.  Getting to visit Saigin, some tourist attractions that you should not miss: Ben Thanh Market, Independence Palace, Saigon Cathedral of Norte Dame, Central Post office, War Remnants Museum, Opera House, Thien Hau pagoda…

Like other city of Vietnam, street food is so delicious in Saigon, represented for South Vietnam’s food taste but it has so many choices for you.

In Saigon, you will be surrounded by millions of motorbikes in traffic, taste delicious street food and visit many interesting attraction that keep you busy and much entertained.

Weather 30C

Estimated Stay 3 days


1. Ben Thanh market

Ben Thanh market is centrally located in Saigon, in the busiest area of the city where you can find all the common things to eat, to use for local people. Being one of the oldest landmarks of history, this market is an ideal place to discover local life and habit of Vietnamese people in the South, it is still a market for local use so tourists are welcome to witness beating of life here.

District 1

District 1 is the center of finance, commerce and culture in Saigon, most of interesting attraction are located in District 1: Saigon City Hall, Opera House, Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, National History Museum… In District 1, there are many French colonial building remained with tree lined boulevard, the ideal place to discover the Pearl of the Orient as in the past

War Remnants Museum

Vietnam was known for wars , a country with long history of wars against invaders, War Remnants Museum is quite popular for international tourist to witness civilian victims and show the most evidence of war sorrow. The Museum has 3 floors showing different period of war and hope to get the view from both sides. The Museum has a outside area to display weapon used in the war, which is rarely find in other places.

Things to do

Face up to the past of war

Saigon is the most evidence of war before 1975, it is just 40 years since the peace has been established throughout Vietnam.  Visiting Saigon, you should discover and face up to the story of war which can be found in some visiting places: War Remnants Museum, Independence Palace… Each street can call back the history and local people still keep the memory but you will surprise with a new modern city as the war has never come.

Night’s life

Being different from Hanoi, Saigon has a busy night life, most can be found in District 1. Vietnamese law has some prohibition for night activities but Saigon is a real active place to entertain at night with many bar, club, eating and live music

Coffee and street food

Another big city of street food, Saigon has everything of food from North to South and even many kinds of food from all over the world, it is quite easy to pick up nice street food restaurant when you walk by a small street in the city. Coffe with milk and ice ( ca phe sua da) is the most popular one for locals, let try and enjoy the the city’s life with street food and coffee, remember coffee with milk