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Theme: Day trips & Short breaks


Activtiessidecar motorcycles

Price from$US 145

Sidecar is a three-wheeled low motorcycle with a permanently attached cart on the side, making it popular vehicles during 1920s – 1960s. In Vietnam, this Russian-built chopper was popular in the past, it was most used by army since car and two wheels motorcycles was not popular during the war time and in the early time before renovation. Now, the sidecar becomes the unique motorcycles as a part of history, an expensive things.

Ho Chi Minh is a developing city with busy local life, taking a trip on old Russian sidecar is a great experience to see things that is not listed in the guide book. The sidecar is a low vehicles to let you see the real life closer, the native drivers know to guide to the most remote corner of the city, seating sidecar to see hundreds of two wheeled motorcycles around and the busy life of Saigon makes your special feeling and connecting to the city’s life.

The sidecar provides you large space to stretch your legs and be safe on three wheeled. While the two wheeled motorbike tour becomes more popular, sidecar takes you to see a bit different things and taste local street food, see the temples or simply observe the local life. It will not be a mass packaged tour but let you discover Saigon’s highlight. You can choose to join tour for 2 hours, 4 hours to include street food tastes as well. You will get a full experience of Saigon’s nightlife, and learn things that are not listed on any tourist guidebook.

  • Sidecar around city by night in 2 hours

    At night, Saigon is so different from what you have seen in day time. The city has cooler atmosphere, more relaxed and full of fun as local busy street life. The city was lighted up with bright-colored lights, music and friendly people. On sidecar to drive around Saigon at night, this is really a fun ride that shows you the nightlife where locals eat, shop and party.
    Saigon by night tour takes you on a journey of at least 20 local famous streets in the city

    Drive down from  the oldest street in Saigon – Dong khoi street  →  pass the beautiful Opera house → Saigon water front  → Nguyen Hue boulevard ,Le Loi boulevard  → Ben Thanh night markets and the newest boulevard Vo Van Kiet . This is the only boulevard go through district 1 ,4, 5,6,8 Binh Tan and Binh Chanh ,so you will   see all the different faces of Saigon at night by sidecar on this boulevard ….

    Sidecar Tour in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city)


    • 1 person/ 1 sidecar: 145 USD
    • 2 person/ 1 sidecar: 170 USD

    Include 1 coffee break on the way

  • Sidecar city tour in 4 hours


    This 4 hour tour takes you to the floating market in Saigon ( belongs to District 4  ) , driving inside the traffic  →  heading to the local coffee (  District 3 ) , enjoy the Vietnamese coffee →  continue our adventure by sidecar to the whole sale flower market ( District 10 ) →  driving to China town , go through the bird market , spare part of motorbike market , chicken market ,and Binh Tay market – the biggest whole sale market in China town  → follow the newest boulevard  Võ Văn Kiệt  along the Tau Hu canal driving back to the center →  back to your hotel

    Sidecar Tour Saigon (4 hours)


    • 1 person/ 1 sidecar: 200 USD
    • 2 person/ 1 sidecar: 230 USD

    Includes sight-seeing tickets, coffee breaks

  • Sidecar street food tour in 4 hours


    The tours starts in China town, where you can see the light, the traffic → head to Chinese noodle and dumpling area, best dumpling in Saigon  →  Boulevard  Võ Văn Kiệt  along the Tau Hu canal driving back to the center  to try  – Banh xeo ( pancake ) with more than 50 years reputation or other street food: bo nuong la lot , cha gio  ( spring roll ) , bi cuon ( fresh spring roll ) , nem lui ( beef ball barbecue ) … try local beers “ 333 “ →  A local coffee  “ Carmen “ with live music (  country , flamenco , French ) will serve you with all the satisfy .

    Sidecar Tour in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city)


    • 1 person/ 1 sidecar: 245 USD
    • 2 person/ 1 sidecar: 280 USD

    Include street food and live music at the local bar.